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Adventure Travel | Ride the Baja Divide

A Baja Adventure for the Outdoorsy Type

BajaDivide-NickCarmanIt’s rocky, sandy, dusty terrain for 2,000 miles. You need to lug 2-3 days worth of food and water at a time on your bicycle and it may take 6 weeks to travel the whole thing but the Baja Divide might just be something you might totally want to add to that adventure travel bucket list.

From the sound of it, I’m certain that the trek is NOT meant for the casual Mission Bay Cruiser. This passion project is being pushed by Lael Wilcox and Nick Carman who both have quite the long-haul riding resume between the two of them. The two plan on bringing a group ride together in 2017 but in the meantime they are seeking support from the community.

Their hopes is in finding people like them, who are in a position to assist in making the 2017 ride a reality! This means getting parts of the journey improved, connecting the communities through the ride virtually and on detailed maps, providing web services to publish the full beauty of the Baja Divide. It’s a large undertaking and they have slated a year to get it together.

I can assure you the trip will be filled with majestic vistas, great food, cultural exploration and an overall brag-worthy bikepacking experience. If you would like MORE info about how you can get involved or plan your 2017 adventure travel experience from SD to CABO, check out Nick & Lael’s Baja Divide Bike Ride project site.

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