Waste Averted; SF Will Vote to BAN Yellow Pages Auto-Delivery

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Yellowpages; Cheap doorstops, barrettes, or helpful resource?


I can’t even begin to recall the last time I used the Yellow Pages as a resource in it’s physical form! Truly it has become a dinosaur in the age of impatience and internet. Need an address or number… GOOGLE IT on your computer or smart phone. Come on. I am guessing 1/10th of the insane waste of trees would be an over-ambitious supply for the numerous talented Etsy artisans for whom are currently utilizing the over-abundant material for crafty items such as barrettes, fruit bowls and clothing items.

Every time I come home to find one sitting at my entrance I cringe at the thought of such waste! “I took myself off the (bleeping) DO NOT SEND LIST years ago,” says Editor Tami Jones. Well, San Fran has the right idea. It is on the verge of passing a bill (next week is the vote) to actually require residents to OPT IN to receive a directory! What a concept. We love this. THIS is a program looking after the social good. Is it estimated that  the 1.6 million annually delivered business directories is equivalent to 8 1/2 times the height of Mt. Everest. The ban would potentially save the city $$$ by reducing cost of the damage induced to municipal recycling equipment.

For more on this story, read the NPR transcript.


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