Who’s Up For a Taco Throwdown?

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Who’s Up For a Taco Throwdown?

12 San Diego chefs will go head to head in some nail-biting competition as taco titan judged by restaurant critic, Troy Johnson & Sam Zien of Sam the Cooking Guy.

Which of your favorite chefs will you be cheering on? I’m declaring “Switzerland” on this one. Sorry folks. But I will be there bright and early to get the scoop on the awesome taco renditions for you.

WHEN: Sunday, September 22nd 1pm – 4pm

WHERE: Catalina Offshore | 5202 Lovelock St. San Diego, CA 92110 (map)


Ricardo Heredia • Brandon Brooks  • Chris Logan • Alex Carballo • Isabel Cruz  • Amy Dibase • Erick Manuel • George Morris • Paleo Pete • Hanis Cavin • Tommy Gomes  • Hector Casanova • Miguel Valdez