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Sandra Maas & Andrea Naversen for Country Friends Art of Fashion

Well Rancho Santa Fe IS in the county so I can call it San Diego. I was a little skeptical that the weather we had been having might just scare away the event attendees but OH NO! When South Coast Plaza comes calling to these parts, the ladies will weather ANY storm (or heat wave). Luckily, it had cooled off a few degrees to make the day bearable and enjoyable.

YELLOW!!!! I saw the most beautiful yellows everywhere I turned. It was gorgeous. Made the event pop. Ladies loved their yellow designer duds for yesterday’s Country Friends Art of Fashion runway show. The lovely Sandra Maas was the emcee for the ladies luncheon and was the perfect match for her ex news anchor friend and Art of Fashion Chair, Andrea Naversen. Again, as I explained in the previous post, shopping and champagne reception was first, followed by the fashion show and luncheon. All in all the event was another successful year.

It was also nice to see some new faces on the runway. My favorite? The model with the platinum hair. She was stunning. Look at the photos below. I think you may agree.  Until the next event!

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countryfriends-small-26 countryfriends-small-33

OH… Were you looking for the fashions? Woops! Here you are.


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