Secret Votes Threaten Valle de Guadalupe

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Natalia Badan - Valle De Guadalupe resident, Courtesy of New York Times, San Diego region

Plans to develop 996 acres with a golf course, spa and 400+ homes in the Valle de Guadalupe have been published. The development is being funded by a prominent developer, Carlos Lagos, who is said to have the ear of many Ensenada officials. A secret, nighttime vote was scheduled to permit the use of nearly 1000 acres for the development and was passed to the horror of Valle de Guadalupe’s business leaders. Will this be the all too familiar story of corruption that has aided the stunted growth of Baja tourism in recent years?

Natalia Badan - Valle De Guadalupe resident, Courtesy of New York Times

According to a New York Times article, the authentic charm we have been experiencing in the valley is at risk with visions of cookie cutter homes and little environmental oversight. With plans of a golf course, local wineries, businesses and current residents question how the development will ensure their limited water supply will remain clean and available.

A Rustic Paradise, Open for Development – New York Times Mon, 02 Dec 2013 01:15:14 GMT

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