The Secret of Keeping Your Fitness-Related New Year’s Resolution

Photo courtesy of Pixabay by skeeze
Photo courtesy of Pixabay by skeeze
Photo courtesy of Pixabay by skeeze

Have you ever given up on a New Year’s Resolution? If so, that’s okay; we’ve all quit something at some point in our lives. However, when it comes to our bodies, the sooner we can start implementing healthy habits, the better we will feel over the long term.

Did you know that a healthier life doesn’t start with your body? It starts with your mind. Put your heart into it. Get yourself into the right mindset. Surround yourself with people who will cheer you on and support you in your goal!

If you live with someone else, try to get them on board, too. This helps you stay on track in two ways. First, it is always easier to follow a diet and workout regimen if you have a workout buddy to keep you motivated! Second, it can actually be very difficult to stay on a diet or hit the gym everyday if you’re living with someone who is continuing to stock your fridge with junk food and have Netflix marathons while you are exercising.

Allow the adults in your life to make their own decisions, but ask them if they would be interested in joining you in your New Year’s Resolution. Explain to them how important this goal is to you, and who knows? They might be on board and excited to do it with you. Even if they aren’t, it is highly likely that they will be considerate, respectful and supportive of your decision to better your life.

If you ever feel like you don’t have enough time to workout, celebrity fitness trainer Shaun T begs to differ. He has created a simple full body workout that burns calories in just five minutes per day. Fitness workouts like the ones Shaun T provides are flexible enough to be done anywhere, from your bedroom to a gym, and even in a hotel room if you travel a lot.

Forget the “all or nothing” attitude. Forgive yourself if you have a cheat day. Consider it a reward for your efforts, as long as you jump back into your fitness routine the following day.

An even more dangerous habit is saying, “Well, I already slipped and ate those French fries. I might as well order a milkshake, too…” Stop considering it a “failure” and start reframing it as: “Well, I might have slipped and eaten those French fries, but at least I was good the rest of today. I even had enough willpower not to order a milkshake…” Remember, anything you can do to take yourself one step closer towards your goal is better than doing nothing at all!

Finally, it is important to understand this helpful formula for keeping your New Year’s Resolution: Persistence + Consistency = Success

This is true of any resolution or goal, not just a health and fitness goal. Just like with anything else, be persistent. Keep at it. Keep slowly working your way towards your dreams. Be consistent in your efforts. Get on a schedule. Do your workout the same time each day. Actually block it off on your calendar, and don’t allow yourself to schedule anything else during that time. The girls night out can wait until after your workout!

When it comes to working towards living a healthier lifestyle, now is a great time to start. Don’t allow quitting to be an option. Start implementing healthier habits into your life over the next twelve months. You’d be surprised how much progress you can make in one year!