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Andrew Spurgin

Andrew SpurginOur wonderful chef partners of the Signature Chefs & Master Mixologists Gala To Benefit The March of Dimes have been very generous in giving us their tantalizing recipes to try at home for Thirsty Thursday and Foodie Friday! Hope you enjoy! OH… don’t forget! The event is November 8th… get tickets TODAY!

Salt Crusted Wild Striped Sea Bass

by Andrew Spurgin

3-4 lb wild striped sea bass, scaled, gutted and gilled

2 lemons

2 bay leaves

4 sprigs fresh thyme

3 egg whites

1 ½  3 lb boxes, kosher salt

great quality extra virgin olive oil

smashed tellicherry peppercorns

sea salt, such as maldon

3 springs fresh tarragon, leaves only

8 leaves of green and opal basil, torn

¼ cup black cerignola olives (or good quality black olives), sliced lengthwise


large bowl, large roasting/sheet pan. aluminum foil, chisel, hammer, pastry brush, two large fish spatulas, large serving platter.


  • purchase a whole sustainable white flaky fleshed fish, have it scaled, gutted and gilled by your fishmonger.
  • pre-heat the oven to 400ºf.
  • fill the cavity with one thinly sliced lemon, bay leaves and thyme, (anything aromatic will do).
  • in a large bowl mix the whites of three eggs with the kosher salt. mixture should be the consistency of a snowball, add a little water if necessary.
  • line a sheet pan with aluminum foil (easier clean-up).
  • lay down approximately one-inch layer of salt, place the fish on top.  cover the entire fish with the salt mixture, approximately 1” thick; basically you’re making a salt “adobe” oven.
  • bake for approximately 40 minutes.
  • remove from oven and, with a chisel and hammer, lightly tap around the bottom edge of the salt crust until cracked all the way around.
  • carefully lift off the salt crust. brush off any remaining salt flakes with a pastry brush.


About Andrew Spurgin

Andrew has designed events and prepared menus and events honoring dignitaries and a host of glitterati over the last three decades. He has cooked for—among others—three U.S. presidents, Martha Stewart, Dr. Jane Goodall, and at the renowned James Beard House in New York City.

Andrew has consulted and cooked with London’s Mustard Catering Ltd. and has been tutored by the cheese mongers at Neal’s Yard Dairy, also in London.He has produced and designed menus and events throughout the U.S., Canada, England and Mexico. Home/Garden Lifestyle Magazine inducted Andrew into the ’ Hall of Fame in 2011. San Diego Magazine named him and Cooks Confab “50 People to Watch” in 2011. Early in his career, Andrew was chef and baker of one of California’s first handcrafted, on-premise bakery/restaurants. He later directed the catering program for Southern California’s celebrated Piret’s, with George and Piret Munger, was executive chef/director at Waters Fine Catering, and helped grow several other respected catering and event firms.

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