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Chef Bernard - Hibiscus Lemon Bar & Tea

A Moroccan Twist on an Old Favorite | Lemon Bars & Tea

Chef Bernard Guillas, of Marine Room in La Jolla, makes some of the most beautiful and lovely food I have ever laid eyes on. Each plate that is presented by my favorite Frenchman is a work of Chef Bernard - Hibiscus Lemon Bar & Teaart. When I asked him to share a sweet recipe, I knew it would represent the qualities I see in my dear friend; gentle, sweet, passionate and filled with simple elegance and charm.

I am not a big fan of desserts but lemon bars are one of my favorites. I love the way they set up. I love the brightness of them, the sweet vs. tart tug with each bite, the dueling textures, the care required with each bite lest you depart with evidence of the indulgence in the form of flaky crust all over your shirt. And not to be forgotten… the warmth of childhood memories. This version of the lemon bar elevates that experience. Will you try to make this one?

To view his beautiful new cookbook, you can head to my favorite local book store in La Jolla, Warwicks on Girard Avenue. (or you can go to Amazon but I still love to peruse book store aisles.)

Chef Bernard shares his inspiration:

Entering the city of Fez through the gate of Bab Boujeloud, I stopped to take in the fascinating display of culture. I made my way through the labyrinth of streets towards the Fez market, swept Marine Room Bernard Guillasup in the overwhelming crowd of shoppers. My tour guide, Dahlil, invited me to his grandmother’s house for the most important ritual of the day – mint tea and pastries. At an afternoon tea ceremony, I learned that pouring the tea from a silver pot high above a small glass is a Moroccan tradition that enhances the delicate mint flavor. ~ Bernard

Hibiscus Infused Lemon Bar & Spearmint Tea

Serves 8