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In Brazil 1.5 Acres of Rainforest are Lost Every Second

Rainforests are disappearing around the world, especially in Brazil where 1.5 acres of rainforest are lost every second.  The Atlantic Forest along the southern coast has been devastated through logging, oil drilling, and deforestation so that only 6% of the original rainforest remains.

With your help, the Plant 25,000 Trees campaign can immediately begin to rebuild areas of the Atlantic Forest that have been destroyed.  On the ground, the tree planting is coordinated by Trees for the Future, which since 1989 has been helping communities around the world plant trees.  Through seed distribution, agroforestry training, and hands-on programs, Trees for the Future has empowered rural groups to restore tree cover to their lands, and help preserve traditional livelihoods and cultures.  Learn more about Trees for the Future at

Thriving rainforests can contribute more economic value when left intact that when cut down for timber or grazing land for cattle.  Besides providing many medicinal plants now used in prescription drugs, rainforests also provide nuts, fruit, and oils.  On the other hand, deforestation eliminates 50,000 plant, animal, and insect species each year!

Show your love for Mother Earth and help plant 25,000 trees! One tree at a time.

Your tree can remove 50 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year.

To plant a tree, simply sign up to be a member of My Green Face, an online environmental community that engages its members to learn, share, discuss—and take action. There’s no cost to you!

My Green Face will plant a tree on your behalf. It’s all FREE, and you will be helping us preserve an environmentally important part of the Atlantic rainforest in Brazil that some scientists call the “lungs of the earth.”

by Lynn Hasselberger : Lynn is the founder of MyEarth360, an online store and resource promoting the environmentally friendly lifestyle. Lynn’s mission is to raise environmental awareness and help families transition to an earth-friendlier lifestyle. On her blog, and throughout the site, Lynn offers a unique mix of eco aspirations and day-to-day achievability. You’ll find her on twitter (a bit too often) and facebook, where she’s expanded her reach into the thousands, hoping to inspire even more people to live consciously. Plant 25,000 Trees is supported by our friends at
More can be found at I Count For My Earth blog.


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