Quick Tip: Recruiting Committees & Boards

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In the Board RoomThe antecedent to creating a productive committee or board is nearly identical as you create the ask list with ONE SIMPLE QUESTION TO ANSWER.

“How will their influence and work ethic contribute to the good of our organization?”

Read that one again… the good of OUR organization. Continue to say it over & over “OUR ORGANIZATION” every time you begin to THINK of a potential individual to recruit. Why am I stressing this? You probably already have an answer for this question. Because at the end of the day, you do not want to invite committee/ board members who are overly concerned with personal gain but those who will act on behalf of the best interest of the organization within their circles of influence.  Our Community Editor, Tami Jones adds, “Of course the relationship should be beneficial to both parties but the underlying commitment should come from a desire to better our local and global communities.  There isn’t a bigger mistake that non-profits can make than choosing the wrong people for the wrong reasons to represent their organizations.  Unless, of course, they enjoy being masochistic.”

These are volunteers. Volunteers require some hand holding but you have limited resources, time and patience. Utilize these efficiently by making prudent decisions when it comes to committees and boards. Never lose focus on the desired end result.