Psy is taking the WORLD over with Gangnam Style

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Gangnam Style by Psy

The mindset of this dance is to dress classy and dance cheesy. ~ PSY

Super VIRAL Korean Mega-Rapper, Psy is taking the WORLD by storm. You do NOT need to understand Korean to have a good laugh and trap the catchy tune in your head. With over 145+million Youtube views (last checked) the number is growing growing growing.

In August, Psy attended a Dodger game in LA when a worker recognized him. Before long, the Dance Cam was live with Gangnam Style blaring with shots of Dodger Fans and Kpop fans alike attempting the now famous Gangnam Style Dance. Cameras panned to Psy’s surprised reaction and the superstar treated the jumbo-tron to the original. Just recently, Psy taught Britney Spears to do the dance on Ellen. This Friday, it’s the Today Show. There is no stopping this global phenom.

Park Jae-Sang, or Psy, was educated at Boston University & the Berklee College of Music then went on to be the not so KPOP hip hopper.Who would have thought a catchy, humorous tune could make so many fans so happy?

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