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Naeem Khan Wows San Diego Fashionistas!


NaeemKhan-61Naeem Khan once more wowed the fashionistas of San Diego at the Globe Guilders Naeem Khan Runway show, Tuesday, May 21st at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront. The internationally acclaimed couture designer showcased his 2013 collection as the 500+ attendees ooo’d and ahhhh’d over the spectacular gowns; a few of which we are sure to grace the upcoming San Diego gala benefits in 2013.

The silent and live auction that preceded the runway show served to honor the hard work of the Globe Guilders by adding greatly needed funding to the on-going forums, support, education and programs of the passionistas of style and the arts.

The champagne flowed and the cameras flashed as the show got under way capping off the show with a fun happy birthday victory round and well wishes from the crowd.

The Naeem Khan 2013 Collection Photos will be posted separately in a video shortly.

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NaeemKhan-2 NaeemKhan-3 NaeemKhan-4 NaeemKhan-5 NaeemKhan-6 NaeemKhan-7 NaeemKhan-8 NaeemKhan-9 NaeemKhan-10 NaeemKhan-11 NaeemKhan-12 NaeemKhan-16 NaeemKhan-17 NaeemKhan-18 NaeemKhan-19 NaeemKhan-20 NaeemKhan-21 NaeemKhan-22 NaeemKhan-23 NaeemKhan-24 NaeemKhan-25 NaeemKhan-26 NaeemKhan-28 NaeemKhan-29 NaeemKhan-30 NaeemKhan-31 NaeemKhan-32 NaeemKhan-33 NaeemKhan-34 NaeemKhan-35 NaeemKhan-36 NaeemKhan-37 NaeemKhan-38 NaeemKhan-39 NaeemKhan-40 NaeemKhan-41 NaeemKhan-42 NaeemKhan-43 NaeemKhan-44 NaeemKhan-45 NaeemKhan-46 NaeemKhan-47 NaeemKhan-48 NaeemKhan-49 NaeemKhan-50 NaeemKhan-52 NaeemKhan-53 NaeemKhan-54 NaeemKhan-55 NaeemKhan-56 NaeemKhan-57 NaeemKhan-58 NaeemKhan-59 NaeemKhan-60 NaeemKhan-62 NaeemKhan-63 NaeemKhan-65 NaeemKhan-66 NaeemKhan-67 NaeemKhan-68 NaeemKhan-69 NaeemKhan-70 NaeemKhan-74 NaeemKhan-75 NaeemKhan-76 NaeemKhan-78 NaeemKhan-79 NaeemKhan-80 NaeemKhan-81 NaeemKhan-78NaeemKhan-83

Attendees included: Sonya Berg, Karen Cohn, Valerie Cooper, Evva Fenison, May Zawaideh, Abeer Hage, MaryBeth Kellee, Kimberly Hunt, Leonard Simpson, Jeanne Jones, Lena Evans, Doreen Roohanipur, Maria Assaraf, Dana Alkasmi, Sheryl White, Phyllis Parrish, Jeanne Jones, Sally B. Thornton
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