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Lord WAllington, San Diego Men's Style, Cur8eur

A man in a suit really can make a girl swoon but not just the suit itself. There are additional components that create an allure about a man wearing a suit. Let’s be honest; not all men in suits necessarily make you giddy. Your grumpy, hard-ass, college professor might have sent shivers up your spine, but that’s not the same.

In our June Digital Issue, we introduced Lord Wallington, a new local San Diego-based men’s accessories line from designer, Immanuel Ontiveros. The Lord Wallington studio is located at the new creative co-working space, PreFAB on Harbor Drive.

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The specialty of Lord Wallington is the old-trend come new again…. bow ties. These are not your grampa’s bow ties but rather unique and very limited edition bow ties. Immanuel finds interesting and unique fabrics to create an array of styles and personality from a varierty of sources. What is wonderful about this is that you most likely won’t be walking into a room and find another Dapper Dan with the same sweet bow tie.

Ontiveros and his business partner wife are working on expanding the brand into other the Dallas, New York, Miami & San Francisco markets where the audience will be receptive to his sense of “appropriately overdressed” attire. We spoke with the designer briefly in May. [See his entire response track below.]

Go forth! Display your adventurous side. Forget the same old boring and add a splash of dashing.

Lord WAllington, San Diego Men's Style, Cur8eur

Photo Courtesy of JustAskB.net

My inspiration for getting into men’s accessories was to be different. So I went out and bought a bow tie and low and behold I ran into someone with the same one. That meant that I needed to take it a step further and start to create one of a kind pieces myself. I bought a sewing machine, asked a neighbor to help me set it up and I was in business. Taught myself how to sew and it is always a work in progress.

My style is both classic and modern. I like the classic suits and slacks, but like to have a more modern take on it with tapered pants that are a little higher with no socks and of course slim cut jackets.

My clientele is anyone looking for a quality tie or bow tie.  We offer large wedding orders for wedding parties that are looking for a custom look to their wedding, kids bow ties and our current collection that is inspired by the military here in San Diego.

My wife and I, (business partners) are working on getting our products up the coast and into other large cities such as Dallas, New York, Miami, and San Francisco.

The only designer that has had an impact on me is Ralph Lauren. He is not only a veteran like myself, but he built his brand on a tie store.

I guess you can say my fashion career started in high school when I was voted most stylish. My entire life I have always dressed up. I like to call it “Appropriately Overdressed”.

If I could meet anyone in history it would have to be Frank Lloyd Wright. Growing up I have always had an infatuation with architecture and had a short stint at the local architecture school. I absolutely love the architecture in any city I visit.  My good friend from New York has a saying that if you want to see anything good you have to “always look up”.


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