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Kids Korps gala committee 2011
(L to R) Melissa Loban, Margaret Piglovski, Robin Chappelow, Chris Howard, Tiffany Baumgart, Joani Wafer, Debbie Chapparone, Maggie Bobileff, Jacqui Grande, Veronica Baker. Not pictured: Teresa O’Connor, Denise Hug, Elaine Darwin, Jen Keslik, Mia Stefanko

There are three things that make a non-profit special event stand out from all the others:  An awesome theme, a delicious emcee and sexy entertainment.  People would eat a rodent for dinner and never notice it if you have these three components.  Oh, and I suppose a stunning venue doesn’t hurt either…although I think it’s fair to say that most non-profit boards wouldn’t approve a gala at a Motel 6.  Though it should be noted that I’ve worked with some, let’s say… challenged board members in my time and I’m actually quite shocked that an idea like that has never come up in my career.  Huh, perhaps I’m not giving my past colleagues enough credit.

On Saturday, May the sixth at the Grand Del Mar Hotel at 7pm will be holding their 2011Yesenia Adame Kids Korps Superstar Gala titled “Red Haute Tango”.  Even if I wanted to stay away, my hips wouldn’t let me.  Throw in a live performance by Yesenia Adame from Dancing With the Stars and the seducing sounds of live Argentine music throughout the evening and you’ve got all of the sultry and spicy ingredients for a seriously successful event on your hands.  Check and check on the awesome theme and the sexy entertainment.

I had the pleasure of speaking with the Gala Chair, Maggie Bobileff who is chairing the event for the second year in a row.  When asked why she jumped on board again this year she replied, “I chose to chair this years event because I loved chairing it last year.  It was very fun and successful but I feel that this year’s event will be spectacular.  Held at the Grand Del Mar, with the Red Haute Tango theme it’s the top of the top of non-profit events.”

Gianni Russo PictureOh, and did I mention that Gianni Russo from the Godfather is the nights emcee?  I know, as if the night could get any hotter.  In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 30 years, Mr. Russo has had a successful career, which has spanned over 40 films including such hits as The Freshman, Rush Hour, Any Given Sunday, and Sea biscuit as well as television roles in Kojak, The Rockford Files and Prison Break.  He also happens to be devilishly handsome and charismatic.  Any takers on how many women are hanging off of his leg all evening?  I can guarantee at least one…

There’s nothing I love more than a non-profit special event done right.  No really, it’s true.  I know I talk a lot about most being a waste of time and resources.  But I truly believe that when an organization can create a buzz, give their donors and guests something to really get excited about and offer value for peoples hard earned money (all while benefitting the youth of our community) it’s actually well worth all of the effort.

Joanie Wafer, Kid Korps Founder & Executive Director, shared Maggie’s passion for this year’s gala but shared with us what the event is truly about.  She said, “I’m most excited for introducing our newest program .  It’s a character enrichment program in honor of .”  Julien passed away last November and his parents, Bertrand and Denise Hug, are honorary chairs of this year’s event.

And that’s really what this is all about, isn’t it?  Your dollars supporting programs that enrich the lives of our youth.  You can find out more about this year’s exciting event and Kids Korps important programs at







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