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Natalia Badan, Valle de guadalupe, Baja, Cur8eur Tour

Curated, luxury tours to Valle de Guadalupe has been a Cur8eur offering for several years, highlighting the region and the leaders who are gathering global attention for the area. This week we partnered with California International Business University, whose Master’s students were interested in learning about the unique business environment that has been created on our border.

Just a decade ago, our borders were a fluid crossing that allowed for Southern California residents and visitors to easily acquaint themselves with the Northern Baja culture. This casual border influenced and bonded the bi-cultural region which presents a unique opportunity for hospitality business students to experience.

Alfredo from Agua Mala brewery spent time to share the story of the beginnings of this Ensenada ceveceria that is at the forefront of the Mexican craft beer movement. He shared the story, the growth and the future plans and they are impressive.

We then headed east to tour Baja wine country, Valle de Guadalupe, to tour Deckman’s El Mogor and Finca Altozano. We all had the pleasure of hearing the history of El Mogor winery and the Badan family from Chef Drew Deckman and meeting matriarch, Natalia Badan. The experience for the group of hospitality entrepreneurs and myself as the host, was priceless.

If you are looking for a curated, specialty luxury, tour excursion throughout Mexico that will leave you with a unique experience, contact us and we will work with you to create your next best memories.

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