Can a Hot Chef & Swanky Digs Bring the Love to the Ranch?

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Chef Todd Allison of Morada at the Inn of Rancho Santa Fe

For 70+ years, The Lilian Rice designed Inn at Rancho Santa Fe has been welcoming guests into their community to bask in the serenity and beauty that this tucked away destination has to offer.  The recent change of ownership was met with trepidation and anxiety from some especially with announcements of renovation to such an historical site. The twelve million dollar renovation was successfully met with praise. The integrity of Lilian Rice’s design was intact.

anthology_toddThe new restaurant, opened mid-summer to the delight of skeptical residents and lured San Diego native, to its doorstep to helm the new venture. His trek from San Diego brought him to Arizona, Hawaii and back to California to the shores of Laguna and Little Italy’s Anthropology (where he was nominated as “Hottest Chef in both cities).

In mid-October, I finally made my way to dinner with my husband to excitedly see the completely upturned layout. The restaurant was brought to the front of The Inn overlooking the expansive lawn and given a clean, contemporary look, complete with a beautiful new bar. Gone is the stodgy, uptight feel of the old Inn.

For a meal to be truly memorable, I am under the FIRM belief that their must be at least one unsuspecting surprise and I was hopeful I would discover just that from Chef Todd Allison under the tree canopy and twinkling lights.

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5951 Linea del Cielo, Rancho Santa Fe

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