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The crowd spilled into the road in front of the new salon for the grand opening. The new location at the Del Mar Heights Plaza packed them in for scrumptious bites and cocktails from Brian Malarkey’s team of genius while music from the dj floated through the well coiffed crowd. Drybar’s owners are very excited about the new location and have already begun to give back to their community in the few short weeks they have been open. Here’s another point for responsible luxury!

Drybar is not your typical salon. There are no cuts or color here; just blow outs. The menu of services reads like a girlie bar tab: straight up, Mai Tai, Cosmopolitan, Manhattan, Southern Comfort and even a Shirley Temple for the little princesses. If the attending crowd is an indication of the concepts popularity, you can bet the Drybar will be a success.

So how’s it work? Every blow out $35. Everyday. That’s it! Well… not entirely. They do have options but it only gets better. Memberships. OMG. MEMBERSHIPS! This is EXACTLY what I need. Since I quit my membership to the gym, this might as well become the replacement. yippee!!!

the barfly: For $125 per month you receive:

4 Blowouts + 2 free Floaters (head/neck massage)
10% off all products
You save $30 a month

the regular: For $65 per month you receive:

2 Blowouts + 1 free Floater (head/neck massage)
10% off all products.
Saves you $15 a month.

You can also buy them in bulk packages. LOVE IT! Get over to Drybar. You won’t be sorry.

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