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Dining in San Diego has slowly become a much more exciting adventure over the last decade. There are very few restaurants in San Diego that can say they have had a solid reputation with it’s chef for two decades. A recent trip to the Marine Room on the La Jolla Shores was a reminder as to why it has stayed on the radar for so long.

To delve into the story of Chef Bernard’s Guillas, see the June Digital Issue.

Chef Bernard Guillas has been celebrating life with his guests for 20 years and still now the fascination of creating something wonderful and full of joie de vivre is portrayed in every touch of his dishes. With a front row seat of the high tides and the most spectacular company, my meal at the Marine Room drew me back to the sea to appreciate the beauty of its force and the necessity to savor the care that is put into all we do.

Bisous… Marie



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