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The dining buzz about Comun Kitchen & Tavern has been laid on thick as of late but what do you expect when we get a new restaurant in San Diego! Our culinary palates in San Diego have been awaken by the flood of chefs bringing the restaurant game to a whole new level in our no longer sleepy little town.

Chef Chad White is no slacker. This guy has been MIA on the scene for a while because he has been busy juggling the heaps of projects on his plate and he isn’t slowing down. The East Village’s newest neighbor is heating things up with it’s new edgy, hipster chic interior, commissioned artwork and fancy beer distribution center.

I was invited to the Comun soft opening (I was ecstatic) which was filled with San Diego’s familiar foodie faces like brother & sister duo Carlos & Yolanda Walther-Meade, food writers like Candice Woo and Caron Golden, food purveyors like farmer Curro Smid Ariza and talented chefs such as Don Chido’s Antonio Friscia. The food was great and the crowd was alive but I wanted to be here when the crowd was just simply… diners.

Fate offered up the opportunity days later when after a day on the bay and sand with the McFarlanettes, three of us gals decided a meal was in order and how lucky! I walked right in during Comic-Con and 3 seats were available barside. It was meant to be. The evening was feverishly abuzz with diners soaking up Comun’s tunes, energy and food. The octopus tomato salad was served up perfectly (it’s my new favorite thing) along with chef’s rendition of chicharron and fish collar. I was elated that the experience as a plain old, off the street, walk in was precisely what I wanted out of a night with friends. I didn’t really have any doubts but the practice of finding out sure is fun.
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