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Extraordinary Desserts

Just 12 days before Christmas!  [12/12/12]

Cook or Make Reservations?

Holidays mean food and lots of it; decadent, rich, splurge-worthy food. Which kind of “feaster” are you? Are you a domestic goddess who enjoys setting the table, decking the halls and serving a PINTEREST FEAST at home or do you prefer to sprinkle yourself with baubles, slip on some Manolo’s & listen to the sweet sound of waiters buzzing around you leaving thoughts of dishes and clean up far beyond the reaches of your champagne gripped hands? Either way, we have some deeeeee-lightful suggestions for you.

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Wild Thyme Company Holiday Menu

Home for the Holidays

Wild Thyme Company is offering to do some or ALL the holiday feast cooking for your family & friends, ensuring your home is filled with the smells of the holidays while you get to enjoy special moments with everyone including your crazy Uncle Larry. Holiday dinner catering is offered in packages for 10 and available either for pick-up or delivery on Sunday, 12/23: (deadline is Fri, 12/21 @ noon)

Visit Wild Thyme Company’s Holiday Page HERE!

Check Please

Christmas Dinner at the US Grant

So you don’t prefer to spend a week in advance cleaning every nook and cranny of your home, cooking, arranging and decorating all for a bunch who will come in and wolf it down in less than 30 minutes, leaving a trail of remnants in their wake as they saunter out the door after drinking your best port? We just CAN’T imagine why! (wink wink)

No matter… The U.S. Grant has created a lovely tasting menu option for Christmas Eve Dinner. Think amuse bouche, molasses duck or scallops & pancetta. Mouthwatering really. Make your reservations NOW for the best available times or you will be eating at 10:15pm.

Let Them Eat Cake!

Desserts from Extraordinary DessertsSugar plums, chocolate towers, blood orange tarts, Chantilly creme! It’s the holidays! We can have an extra bite or two of the decadence we shun for the rest of the year, right? Extraordinary Desserts never ceases to amaze. Their sweet treats will impress even the most finicky guest with their pretty cakes and yummy tortes.

Not to mention, the Little Italy location is a divine example of design.

Order now and check off your holiday list!

*Right now Extraordinary Desserts is also selling gift cards… Buy 4 get 1 free! That’s 5 $20 gift cards for just $80! Teachers, receptionists, your boss; any of them would enjoy a little something to sweeten their holiday.