Beat the Heat! This Summer Recipe is Chill and Light.

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Beat the Heat! This Summer Recipe is Chill and Light.

Chilled Soba Noodles

It has been devastatingly hot for San Diego. Our typical climate perfection has been tainted with a heat wave that has us whining all the way to the beach! The oven has been my enemy these past few weeks. Each time I turn it on, I can guarantee to heat up the house an extra few unwanted degrees that sends me over the edge, past sanity street and into grouchy alley.

This is precisely why I thought a nod from a Japanese dish might be exactly what we all could appreciate. Cold soba noodles make the perfect pairing for a simple lunch/dinner.

2015-08-31 19.12.10

Directions for a recipe is really unnecessary for this simple preparation. Head to your local Asian grocery store or the Asian foods section in your market and pick up soba noodles. These are generally easily found these days. Dig around for fresh veggies in your fridge and perhaps some left over protein.


Boil some broth and season it. (you could use water but… why?)  Cook your soba noodles for approximately five minutes but check your packaging just in case. Drain your noodles keeping a cup of your seasoned broth. Chill your noodles down with an ice bath. Once cool, drain the water and drizzle sesame oil all over noodles and mix.


Blanch your veggies and chill immediately with ice water. This keeps the color and stops the cooking process.


Use whatever is in the fridge! Tofu, leftover pork roast (This is what I had cooked and vacuum-sealed in the freezer), fish, steak… Chef’s Choice. Slice thinly.

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Grab a bowl, twirl in your noodles, sprinkle with sesame seeds, top with protein and veggies. Season with salt and pepper, soy sauce or fish sauce (or any other favorite seasonings) to taste. Add a little broth to a small bowl for dipping your noodles if you like and PRESTO! You have a quick simple meal that is hearty but light and cool for your body and kitchen.

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