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Camarada brings the joy of chamber music to the San Diego community by performing unique and inspiring concerts of musical masterworks in intimate settings.

Camarada concerts include a broad and eclectic musical repertoire, including fresh interpretations of familiar classics, rediscovered gems, and new works commissioned especially for our audiences. Performances combine great music, great musicians, beautiful spaces, and a warm and inviting atmosphere that encourages camaraderie between performer and audience. Collaboration with artists in the visual arts, dance and theater complete the artistic experience of a Camarada concert. Performing in intimate venues in the San Diego area, Camarada creates a musical environment that uplifts audiences and provides San Diego with a cultural energy that is vital to a healthy & vibrant community.

Camarada Kids | Camarada is committed to the creation of concerts for young people with a focus on generating newly commissioned music and producing colorful and inviting performances for children and families. Camarada Kids concerts have been performed in libraries, community centers, art museums, public and private schools and private homes. In 1998, San Diego composer John Lorge created Critters for narrator and woodwind quintet. Critters is a witty musical piece tailored specifically for children. In 2000, he was commissioned by Camarada to write Quetzelcoatl, based upon a Mexican folk tale, and The Gifted Peacock, which is based on the Aesop Fable of the same title.

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