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CARDAMOM CAFE, North Park, San Diego's Best Breakfast,

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” 

I admit… I don’t always eat breakfast though, I’ve heard the spiel. Personally, coffee is a meal (w/ coconut oil & butter) and I can attest that IT is the most important meal of my day. Cardamom Cafe

Something happens when I wake on the weekends though. I WANT breakfast. Apparently I ‘m not alone since there is always a line in front of all my favorite and not so favorite breakfast spots.

Saturday, I was up at 6am flipping through friends’ FB posts of the blizzard that had turned NYC into Antarctica and decided I should get outside while our weather was nice. The destination? Balboa Park. With husband and furry friend in tow, we were up.

BUT FIRST… BREAKFAST at Cardamom Cafe & Bakery

Since we were headed south, I decided I was going to Cardamom Cafe & Bakery in North Park where Joanne Sherif, the owner, makes some of the BEST croissants in SD County.

Personal Favorite : Black Forest Turkey & Asiago Croissant

Warning: Portions can be enormous. ASK your waitress. I ordered a croissant (for later), a coffee and a to die for, Monte Cristo which is made with two slices of Joanne’s very own 2″ thick brioche. I shared it and was still stuffed. Coffee wasn’t my favorite at the cafe but if you come here, it’s an easy fix. There’s an INFLUX Cafe across the street next to Modern Times.

I know… You’re thinking about the weekend crowds. Well, good news. I arrived at 8AM on a Saturday and sat right down. By 8:30am the stroller crew had rolled in but still no outrageous wait. My guess was that the “young-uns” were all still recuperating from late nights at Coin Op and Seven Grand.

CARDAMOM CAFE, North Park, San Diego's Best Breakfast,

Cardamom has been serving up San Diego’s best pastries and for nearly eight years now. That pre-dates the neighborhoods hipster rise with Tacos Perla, Modern Times, Underbelly, Smoking Goat and the plethora of restaurants that have come and gone around the corner. Low key restaurants like Cardamom stay open because they focus on quality and people. It’s a simple recipe for success and this little cornerstone at the intersection of 30th & Upas has perfected it.

Where do you breakfast?

In search of my Next Best Bite…


Cardamom Cafe & Bakery

Address: 2977 Upas St, San Diego, CA 92104
Review Status: Not Hosted 

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