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ARC of San Diego

The Jewels of San Diego presented a stunning event to benefit the ARC of San Diego on Friday, May 31st! The event was held at the equally impressive U.S. Grant Hotel, downtown San Diego. The usual crowd of San Diego’s philanthropic were present to support the gala which raised funds for disabled adults. A champagne reception was held with the silent auction prior to the main event which consisted of a live auction. Cuteness award went to the precious Malti-Poo puppy who slept through his entire live auction debut.

We spoke with Pam Slater – Price, District 3’s past long reigning County Supervisor, and asked her how she was enjoying retirement after her 20 year career in San Diego government.

I have been very busy with my time, but it is filled entirely with things I enjoy.

~ Pam Slater Price

The ARC of San Diego created a heart-warming video interview of John Parrish who explained the importance of the ARC to their family and how the ARC has helped in providing quality of life to his son. John applauded his wife Phyllis Parrish for bringing her friends together, the Jewels of San Diego, who create the spectacular event each year.

Congratulations, Jewels… for another successful gala.

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