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As the year approaches an end, my mind wanders through the year’s events bringing me to the front door of the one ahead. Thanksgiving brings together family & friends for beautifully designed, meticulously structured meals on our best china, our Sunday best and toasts for the blessings bestowed. My morning has brought me to reflect on those things for which I am grateful. I am preparing for a day of cooking and eating and passing the over-stuffed hours with our closest friends and family; a very special occasion indeed. I am most grateful that today, as happens each year, I can look around a table and know these are the cherished moments that forever will be held dear.

The annual proclamation that we are thankful for our health has special meaning this year for my family. Each year our family gathers with the family of our closest friends for a celebratory, day-long feast. This year has brought us back to the table. For much of 2011, I was unsure that fate would give us one more year together. One of our dear friends had a difficult year with her health and it was touch and go for some months. So tonight as we toast to good health, I hope you are inspired to take a conscious moment to be thankful for that which we tend to overlook in our busy lives.

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.

Marie Tahan Daniels, Editor

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