Hurricane Sandy Hits the East Coast Hard

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Hurricane Sandy Collage

The hurricane is taking over the media on all fronts. The pictures are overwhelming and scary. As the hurricane moves across the north east coast we can’t help but listen and watch the conversations fly. Here are a couple of chats we have taken from our Facebook  Friends:

We are thinking of you friends!

“Hunkered down on the upper west side  ;-)”
“On my couch squished with a 12yr old and 3 legged cat. AARGH! No power”
“Wind is howling so I’m on my couch, away from window. Not dying from my one window crashing in on me!”
“My house is shaking!!!!”
“My parents got slammed :( 2 cars and some of the house crushed by trees”
“They slept on the floor next to front door bc that is the only part of the house not in the path of a tree”
 “Lo Manhattan under water…no power…if it was a stronger storm, the ocean would have met the sound…”
“He threw the phone down to chase a dog to prevent it from being hit by a fire engine!”

Hurricane Sandy Collage


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