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Who knew that a charming and beautiful little puppy-angel named Goldie could restore my faith in non-profit special events?  I was perfectly happy in my little special event-induced apathy over spending millions to make millions when non-profits have neither the time nor the resources to pull it off.  Then the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center has to go and shake up my skepticism by throwing a pure bred baby Golden Retriever in to their live auction and suddenly I’m actually, (dare I say it?) impressed.

Of course that wasn’t the only impressive thing about the 40th Anniversary Gala benefiting the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center on Saturday night.  Besides being held at the exquisite Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, the Old Hollywood theme had the ladies dripping in diamonds, feathers and fur.  The men looked stunned AND stunning as they often do at events such as these.

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The guests dined on Surf & Turf and enjoyed the sounds of The Fabulous Pelicans, a six-piece soulful rock and roll band with members who have worked with everyone from Al Jarreau, Creedence Clearwater Revival to Hank Williams, Jr. and more.  Their lead guitarist actually toured with The Steve Miller Band in the 70’s and co-wrote the hit single, Jungle Love. Thankfully I didn’t catch wind of that little nugget on the night of the event or I would have embarrassed myself, and consequently this magazine, by hanging off of his leg all evening.  Next time, Greg, we’re going to have a moment.

Unfortunately for the band, they were completely upstaged by a sixteen pound floppy eared little puppy named Goldie.  I’m pretty certain that this dog was molested by no less than four hundred times by everyone at the party, including myself.  She was so adorable that people were literally nibbling on her. Thankfully, the Community Center didn’t make us sit through the auctioning off the usual fifteen trips to Hawaii before they brought this little fuzz-bucket out and up for grabs. As the evening continued, many more amazing experiences were on the auction block such as a private trip to Napa on a personal jet, a Golden Door Spa retreat, a Mediterranean Cruise, an Overnight Chef and Wine Combo and much more. The crowd was responsive and the bidding wars were thrilling to watch.

The Rancho Santa Fe community showed their full support for the center’s programs and raised the paddle for complete appreciation of all the center has to offer. Thank you for the restored faith in the difference and positive impact of non-profit special events. Another 40 years onward & upward!

*The final net dollars raised were not yet tallied at the time of publication.








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