Best Dressed Awards for 2013 Held in La Jolla

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Best Dressed Awards for 2013 Held in La Jolla

Who, What, When, Where

P1040595Each year San Diego’s own Leonard Simpson creates the “it” list for his Best Dressed Awards. On the eve of the opening of Hunger Games: Catching Fire, there was no doubt as to the inspiration of the music and fashion stylings. (We have been informed now 4 months later that the inspiration was Royal Romanticism with NO Thoughts of Hunger Games whatsoever. Well… I guess there is a disconnect with their audience and honorees since several pointed out the similarities with brilliant enthusiasm.) The show was a nice change from the previous with no repeats of props (that we recognized) but we do wonder when we might see some new faces on the runway. This year’s show was certainly MUCH more prompt than years passed and we were very grateful.

The award recipients looked beautiful and we saw plenty of familiar faces at the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines. The rain didn’t put a damper on a thing.

And the 2013 Best Dressed Winners are…


Anahi Arata

Doreen Schonbrun

Jacqueline Foster

Jeanne Larson

Kristi Pieper

Maggie Watkins

Marjan Daneshmand

May Zawaideh

Rosanne Indermill

Yolanda Walter-Meade


A.G. Spanos

David Patrone

Kambiz Agahnia

Manoj Motwani, MD

Michael Farah

Ray W. Grimm Jr.

Scott Muske

Sean Caddell

Steven Cox

Tom Karlo

Fashion Frenzy

Feathered Cape Feathered Bride Chic Jumpsuit Black sequined outfit Elegance in Black and White dresses Burgundy and Gold for Fall Gown A Contemporary Suit















We received a humorous note today that we have our facts wrong in implying that the production has ever repeated the use of the same props (we will refrain from adding pictures from different events) or that the fashion portion of the show was ever pushed back to a wee bit later than the audience would prefer. We were also scolded that the event is about the charity and NOT the Best Dressed List. OH MY!!! The title of the event and ALL the media and branding must have thrown me! As for knowing there is a charity involved, please note, we are well aware which is precisely why we push the notices from the charity directly to our audience and post event listings separately. 

Knowing your audience and relying on feedback is the Rule #1 for any business. Taking criticism and regenerating it into valuable action is worthy of respect and business savvy.