$1 Million Bucks, A Pop Star & A New Gen of Social Good

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$1 Million Bucks, A Pop Star & A New Gen of Social Good

Lady Gaga BannerTimes are tough in the cut-throat world of the charity industry. Good news though from CONVIO survey tells us not all as been lost with the upcoming generations of income-earners. Just over 1/2 of Gen Y and Gen X do give to charity. The interesting piece to recognize is the amount people are giving. Of course, Gen Y had a large percentage of their donors contributing small increments to causes. These small increments ADD UP to significant funding. THIS is a significant lesson for non-profits to realize. These young people are fully aware of the power of their dollars in masses and they are willing to part with a bit of their  pocket change for social good causes.

This is being reinforced today with the extremely visible . This pop star has brought positive attention to the act of giving. Volunteering has long been a character building activity moms across the country have been encouraging in their children. This has been a badge of honor that has been

Lady Gaga & Robin Hood developing over the last few decades. NOW we are seeing a wonderful tangent that has grown out of this practice. These kids have grown up and are now in the work force. They have a little extra in their pockets and when they see an outspoken, uninhibited, bold, strong, female celebrity reach deep into her own coffers, it casts the cool factor on the act of .

Lady Gaga has partnered with the Big Apple’s largest fighting organization, Robin Hood. Using Social Media, Lady Gaga & Robin Hood have come up with a crowd sourcing strategy to allow the public to decide which youth poverty charity should receive a fat million dollar check for their programs. It breaks your heart really to see that all the organizations are so deserving and have a need.

KUDOS to Lady Gaga for using her visibility to shine a spotlight on these very important issues and the charities dedicated to action for resolving some of the difficulties impoverished NYC kids are facing. For the last decade I have been questioning who our kids are going to see as their mentors, who will give them a sense of responsibility, who will show them strength, compassion, solid work ethics and integrity in this media driven, pop culture. I think we may be at a turning point!


Go to the Robin Hood WEBSITE to learn about the 5 organizations in the running and VOTE.

That’s it. Easy Peasy. you can also choose to donate to any of the charities directly from the page if you so choose!


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