Best Deals: Daily Brunch in Encinitas on a Budget

bloody mary, Mr. Peabody's Bar and Grill, Encinitas CA

Brunch isn’t just for weekends anymore!


Weekend brunch is great but it’s just so crowded! Let’s be honest. Schedules have been a little out of whack since 2020 so this post is for all those who don’t have a normal M-F 9-5 job AND for those who love a deal.

I ventured back to an old favorite in Encinitas last weekend, Mr. Peabody’s. It was the perfect stop after a morning at Del Mar’s Dog Beach with the pups. Luckily, this is one of the spots that I’ve found over the years that doesn’t really get crowded on weekends until AFTER 10am. Then… you’re screwed.

The reason I drove north to Encinitas is because I was craving a spicy Bloody Mary that didn’t crush my soul waiting for the long brunch crowds. I was curious to see if the Bloody Mary Bar had been brought back to life at Mr. Peabody’s, so north I went with pups and hubby in tow.

To my dismay, the Bloody Mary Bar was no more but they did still serve the Bloody Mary’s for a steal. If you like a good, chewy, spicy Bloody Mary, this is the place for you. They make their own Bloody Mary mix with fresh horse radish to clear out those sinuses in a jiffy. I was disappointed to see they were only served with a couple olives on a toothpick. Back in the day, you could style your own loaded with all the goodies – celery sticks, bacon, olives, yellow peppers, and more.

What is truly important in a BEST DEAL post is the value though, so here it is. A tasty house-made Bloody Mary will only set you back $3.50. Yes, that’s using well vodka but budget means compromises.

Where Mr. Peabody’s has improved their breakfast game is in the Breakfast Tacos. Our local taco shops average $6.50 for a breakfast burrito and I always feel sluggish after eating one. Mr. Peabody’s has always had breakfast tacos but they were pretty wimpy. I am happy to say the breakfast taco deal of 2 tacos for $3.50 is now much more substantial than in previous years. The tacos for $3.50 is definitely equivalent to the quantity of food in a breakfast burrito but with less filler food (potatoes or rice). It’s packed instead with basic breakfast proteins — eggs and sausage. They make a pretty tasty salsa as well.

If you live in North County Coastal San Diego or are headed that direction, this is my breakfast Best Deal.

In Conclusion: $7 will leave you feeling good and satisfied. What local deals are you willing to share? Leave your suggestion in the comments so i can check them out. Cheers!


136 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas, CA (right off the freeway)
Available Daily until 11AM


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