San Diego! Stop Trying to Be SF, NYC & LA

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San Diego! Stop Trying to Be SF, NYC & LA


San Diego is AN INCREDIBLE place to be for food enthusiasts. We spend so much time trying to be a food scene powerhouse but miss the mark in spreading the message of how abundant our options are.

Each time I travel, my palate is relieved to come home. Sure. There are great restaurants all over the planet, but what’s rare is to live in a place where you really can get nearly any craving satisfied in one city most days a year.

Most of the year in our Cali Baja region, we can get the freshest ingredients from local farms, fisherman, and specialty food producers here in our own backyard. Per capita, San Diego County has more urban farms than any other in the country.

The city of San Diego has an incredibly diverse population too. Why is this important? Because it creates a more authentic food culture that allows us the option to explore, get acquainted with and fall in love with foods not necessarily readily available in many other cities.

So often, I watch the San Diego restaurant industry struggle to achieve superstar status, comparing itself to other major food cities. This is the BIG PUSH, main message in food media outreach about San Diego throughout the country.

I don’t think we do nearly a good enough job focusing on the diversity of our cultural food scene and availability of fresh produce, seafood, wine, cheese, and more.

Why are we so solely obsessed with convincing the world that San Diego should be a top food city contender because of our famed chefs or fine dining concepts?


Great culinary talent and big money, restaurant groups alone don’t make us special. Our access to foods, our access to the producers, our access to ethnic food options AND our culinary talent BIG & SMALL, make me always grateful to get back home.

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