Purging; It Will Feel Good, Right?

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Each time I go into the garage with the intent to clear or organize, I stare hopelessly into the abyss wanting to just kick myself for amassing such an incredible amount of stuff. Who needs this much stuff!? I have so many items that I have NO use for but simply keep just in case! Even now as i think about this project, I know I will be burdened during the decision making process.

I have just concluded a chapter in my life… no children will any longer live in my home with me year round come August of this year. My youngest has graduated high school and my husband and I are re-thinking our options. We no longer are tied to school districts and the suburban lifestyle and the expectations that come with it.


No, I’m Not Devastated My Kids Are Leaving

I have been asked SO many times if I’m sad that I’m about to be an empty-nester and when I answer “NO” I instantly receive a judgey look of shock and horror.

“But you’ll be all alone,” they say. —- Uh… no I won’t. I’m married, remember? 

I don’t see it as my kids leaving me and I don’t see my kids as my ONLY identity either. YES, I have spent quite a bit of my life focused on ensuring that they learned how to be effective humans from this point on but it hasn’t been everything that encompasses me. With that, I urge those parents out there to reflect on who you are to determine if perhaps your fear is really that you may have built your OWN whole identity around your children. Maybe that is what scares you about my answer to your questions. Hey, I get it. Kids are lot of work.

You know what else is a lot of work? The massive task I am about to tackle… PURGING over two decades of consumerism addiction!

Tune in next time as I progress on my journey thru my junk jungle.