Coronovirus : 6 Lessons Learned

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Coronovirus : 6 Lessons Learned

Remember when we could still do this? 🤣
Demonstrating good greetings before the 6′ rule.

The Bright Side

Let’s look at the bright side of things. Social distancing may create some great, hard coded habits for us all.

1. Being more mindful of our own health and how we physically interact with each other

2. Remembering to consistently wash our hands because the world can be gross

3. Being more neighborly in times of peace as well by reaching out to those who may be a little less capable, like our elderly neighbors who may need assistance from time to time

4. Continuing the idea of shopping local and small to keep the neighborhood businesses around instead of always reverting to convenience of the GIANTS like Amazon, Walmart, chain restaurants, etc.

5. Resilience and resourcefulness in ourselves when times are inopportune

6. The art of the pause; the ability to stop and mull things over, research sources of information, formulate informed opinions before allowing panic to take over and set in

Things are already beginning to look up across the globe. We will be ok. We will be better than ok. We will be smarter. We will be more aware. We will be more cognizant. We will be kinder.

Be well everyone. Cheers. 👊