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  • Located in the Tijuana River Valley, 15 minutes from downtown San Diego, where state-of-the-art water efficiency methods, permaculture and non-imported water from the river aquifer will be used in the cultivation of our fields and food.
  • Grows delicious and nutritious food for the local market, reducing the distance that food must travel to reach our forks, and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions caused by our food.
  • Reduces food security risks associated with middleman processing and distribution, while contributing to a more secure, just and sustainable food system and promoting a more robust, local economy.
  • Models intelligent agricultural methods that sustain healthy soils, crops, water supplies and eco-systems.
  • Creates an on-the-farm education program to work in conjunction with San Diego City College’s Sustainable Agriculture Certification Program. This program will train the next generation of sustainable farmers for our unique region.
  • Works to preserve agricultural variety by growing heirloom and open-pollinated, non-patented food crops; protecting biological diversity by defending the adjacent, native habitat against non-toxic methods of pests and weed control; and inviting native predators and pollinators into our farm.
  • Educates, inspires and empowers learners of all ages to grow and prepare life-giving food. Experiential education field trips for K-12 students address essential ecological and health-related themes through engaging hands-on presentations and tours. Family and adult programs cultivate meaningful skills such as: composting and soil building, gardening, healthy cooking, preserving food, local action for global citizens, and more.

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