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Viaje Oyster Bar, Rosarito, Baja California

Rosarito, Mexico

Rosarito, the small town just south of Tijuana,  lies 30 minutes from the U.S. San Diego border crossing and is home to a large expat community largely made up of Americans and Canadians. The town is also a quick getaway for the California vacationers, surfers and retirees that own beachside places to hang their hat for a recharge. Rosarito is known for it’s quaint laid-back feel, riding horses on the sand, Papas & Beer and the famed Rosarito Beach Hotel.

The food in this little community has not been a big draw. You have the metropolitan foodie scene in Tijuana sucking up much of the media attention which is also diverted to the super hot and trendy wine valley to the south, Valle de Guadalupe. Lobster at Puerto Nuevo and even the little fishing village of Popotla get more play for its food culture than Rosarito.

The residents of Rosarito seem to be content with the options but to be honest, I haven’t been impressed. My kind neighbors have been giving me PLENTY of suggestions but I’ve only had two meals worth mentioning and Viaje Oyster Bar was definitely one of them.

Viaje Oyster Bar, No Takes… Just Original Intent

Viaje Oyster Bar has opened its doors in Rosarito at the Quinta Del Mar Hotel. Owner Jerome Gombert and Chef Marcel Hisaki welcomed guests in early February for a taste of the sea. The grand opening soiree highlighted fresh mariscos (seafood) dishes from around the globe. The concept is not to provide the chef’s take on a dish but rather allow guests to experience the flavors of a traditional dish you might experience when traveling; thus the name Viaje Oyster Bar. Viaje means “travel” in Spanish.

The bright, airy space, open kitchen, bar and views to the ocean allow for large parties and celebrations by the sea. With a full bar at the ready, I’m thinking this may well be this weekend’s sunset hot spot.


Blvd. Benito Juárez 25500, Quinta del Mar
Rosarito, Mexico
Open : 5PM – 9PM Everyday except Tuesday

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