Top 3 Things To AVOID To Keep Your Olive Oil Fresh

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Be Kind to Your Olive Oil

Olives ready for pressing

1. Learn to love dark glass. BIGGEST enemies of your precious extra virgin olive oil is LIGHT & OXYGEN! Once light and air “touch” the oil, it begins to go rancid. Slow this process and preserve the premium quality of your oil by opting for oils stored in dark glass bottles.

2. Keep it cool. Oil enjoys the shade where it is lacking direct light and keeps nice and cool. Heat exposure is a big NO NO. When your EVOO is exposed to heat, the antioxidants degrade and lessen the desired flavor profile you love about your olive oil. Don’t store it above/next to your stove. Put it in the pantry or cabinet.

3. Move it or lose it. Buying in bulk is great and can save you big bucks but what might you sacrifice in its stead? When it comes to olive oil, it’s the quality you sacrifice. If you choose to buy a gallon jug of olive oil, ask yourself if you will be able to use it within 24 months. Otherwise, just say no. Rancid olive oil can spoil any great meal. As for the health benefits, you can be sure those are lost too.

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