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Certainly as Americans, we have been pegged as coffee drinkers. In the U.S., the coffee industry brings in a whopping $18 billion dollars per year with the average coffee drinker refilling 3.1 cups per person per day. We are a caffeinated nation. Change is in the air though. A growing number are making the switch to tea and touting the health benefits to convince themselves it is the right decision. Tea is a $7.5 billion dollar industry and moving up the ranks of buzz worthy beverages.

On our trip to Los Angeles, Starbucks seemed rather routine so a decision was made and we stopped by the Beverly Hills’ own American Tea Room for a little luxe to begin our day. The modern tea room offered the faint comforting smells of exotic teas brewing and a serene decor of a spacious loft-like decor. Every wall was lined with canisters floor to ceiling of fine teas with dainty samples of which to smell the rich perfumed combinations. Leaves , buds, matchas, green, white, black; defining characteristics of the dizzying array to choose from.

We were welcomed by one of the owners and a lovely attendant who was very knowledgeable, making the experience for the newbie tea drinker unintimidating and pleasant. We chose a pot of the Brioche (to my untrained nose the smell of cereal came to mind) and the Marrakech. A pairing with an Almond Toffee Treat from Valerie Confections was a perfect match of indulgence to start our morning. To sit with a pot of tea contemplating the wafting  aromas of exotic flora in a tiny porcelain vessel is a wonderfully serene way to begin any day.

American Tea Room
401 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA | (310) 271-7922  ‎

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