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"From Farm & Vineyard to Your Table" Flyer

"From Farm & Vineyard to Your Table" FlyerAnother spectacular food experience is being brought to you by renowned Chef Javier Plascencia who is hosting a few of his friends of extreme culinary talent to create an undeniably spectacular feast in the midst of the scenic beauty of Baja’s wine country, Valle de Guadalupe. “From Farm & Vineyard to Your Table” will be held at Chef Javier’s country restaurant, Finca Altozano, a weekend destination for the food and wine fans from all over the region.

We recently visited Chef Javier Plascencia when we were in the neighborhood on a Saturday afternoon. We arrived early and had a chance to wander a bit. We were seated and offered the chef’s choice of wine, and in no time the charming veranda “dining room” was filled with exquisitely coifed, heavily bejeweled patrons excited to partake in some very fine food. (We included some photos of our visit below.) Since that visit, the craving to return has been calling regularly.

The From Farm & Vineyard to Your Table event will be held Thursday, August 15th, at 7pm. Cost is $145 per person. San Diegans are welcome to drive themselves or take the private shuttles provided from Romesco Baja Med in Bonita. Why not make a long weekend of it? Check out the incredibly swanky Endemico.

Some participating chef names you might recognize….

To purchase tickets :

Click on the photos below… No really! Click them! They blow up and let you see the true beauty of Finca Altozano. You won’t be sorry.

Finca Altozano entrance img Finca Altozano  vineyards img Finca Altozano img Finca Altozano food & wine img Finca Altozano Finca Altozano img Finca Altozano Finca Altozano Finca Altozano - Chef Javier Plascencia img Finca Altozano - Staircase to Wine Barrel Finca Altozano - sculpture img Finca Altozano img