Super Bowl Bash BIG GAME FOOD

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Super Bowl Bash BIG GAME FOOD

Super Bowl Sunday is all about football, the commercials and THE FOOD!!! Each year friends try to out do each other with the best BBQ, best finger snacks, best tail gating spread. It is an American tradition. Here are few ideas for some of you LAST MINUTE foodies.

What about these, wait for it….


OMG these will blow your helmets off! Imagine applewood bacon, chorizo AND ground pork. nom nom nom.


By Patrick and Regina Neely (Courtesy of Food Network)

For this incredible recipe… CLICK HERE.

What is Super Bowl without wings? Not just any wings though…

Sam’s Hot Sweet Things Wings

San Diego Food Scene, Hot Sweet Wings by Sam The Cooking GuyCourtesy of The Sam LiveCast

Sam The Cooking Guy made these in one of his LiveCasts… OMG! You drool just watching. really. You will want to try these!

Want the recipe? OF COURSE YOU DO… Here you go.

Here is a wing dinger…. So you LOVE watching the Super Bowl like any other but the food kills you (no really it could) because you MUST eat Gluten Free! Bummer No More! Here is just ONE of many recipes we found to include you in the snacky fun!

Beet Chips w/ Aioli

Beet Chips with Aioli by Vogue Magazine

(Courtesy of Vogue Magazine ONLINE)

This one will make your heart sing. who said Vogue Magazine was just for fashion? Their online Culture section is full of ALL sorts of goodies like THIS RECIPE!

Have fun rooting for your teams and eat some great food!

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