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SD Restaurant Week Starts Sunday!

Dining Out In San Diego — Where do you want to go for SD Restaurant Week?

San Diego Restaurant Week hits San Diego food enthusiasts twice per year and usually we can look forward to a “surprise” 2nd week but for the January 2015 event I have been assured “THERE WILL BE NO 2ND WEEK.” So there you have it. we procrastinators are gonna have to buck up and make a decision.

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I asked a few local San Diego food bloggers their thoughts and this is what they had to say about restaurant week…

Comun! I need to go and try it still… I love restaurant week because it showcases the various chefs and their food, and encourages people to get out and try new spots. ~ Downtown Rob,


I’d like to visit Bo-Beau Kitchen + Bar, since I’ve heard so many raving reviews of this place! The duck confit on the menu looks amazing. My favorite part about restaurant week is the overwhelming number of choices for restaurants! There are so many places on my “to-do” list that participate, and I can try them out at an affordable price. ~ Jinxi,

I am so excited for restaurant week and am really looking forward to trying out 333 Pacific, Bo-beau, Cucina Enoteca, and many of the other North County restaurants. ~ Jackie Bruchez,

This year I’m excited about making a visit to Monello in Little Italy. Their selection of freshly made in house pastas are to die for and I’m quite curious as to what a seafood lasagna would taste like! What I like most about restaurant week is the great deals that different restaurants offer around town. The deals are great for a 3 course meal and I particularly love going with a friend to share our meals. This way you get a broader selection of food to try at a bit of a discount! ~ Mary Desjean – This Tasty Life

(I’m most excited for) Don Chido  … I tried them for the first time at the Toast of Downtown event and they are a really great little spot downtown. I would love to try more of their menu. I love trying new restaurants for less money, and seeing what menu items my favorite spots choose to highlight during (restaurant) week. ~ Hillary Condon, The H Blog

Chef Chad White - PHOI’m looking forward to trying out Prep Kitchen. I’ve heard so many great things about it and I love how the menu is seasonal. I hope to be inspired in my own kitchen! My husband and I own our own business, shuffle 2 kids from school to sports to music, raise a newborn and volunteer for various non-profits. Needless to say, we rarely have time to go out on a date and don’t know which restaurants to try because we’ve been so “out of the loop.” When we do go out, we are budget-conscious and usually only order a main course. Restaurant Week gives us the opportunity to try out different restaurants and have a 3 course meal without breaking the bank. Hopefully we can discover a new favorite place. ~ Melissa Hiatt, Making It Sweet

I am actually looking forward to trying restaurants in North County Inland/Coastal, especially with my recent move to Escondido.  There are so many restaurants yet to be discovered and basically shown to readers from all over that there are actually a great deal of eateries in all parts of San Diego County.  I do love our downtown restaurants, but I think for us who live in North County, we need options as well. I like the ability to try a new restaurant or the new menu change to a popular restaurant. It is a great option for date nights or a gathering with girlfriends or double dates.  For me, I enjoy eating delicious food for a great deal, which restaurant week offers everyone. As I previously stated, there are so many restaurants to eat at.  I always try to eat at a new place every time, but who can achieve all of that?  It is also an opportunity for a new restaurant to get out to the public and show what they have, for repeat customers.  ~ Kate Oliver, Late Kate Foodie

Where will you make your reservations? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook Page!

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