San Diego’s 1st Food Hall Done Right, Little Italy

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Little Italy Food Hall, San Diego CA, A New Dining Experience

The piazza catches your attention immediately when stepping off the street into the auto-prohibited space. It is strewn with market lights, live music and an energy of community. It is family friendly in a way that you recall from your last European vacation, a piazza that is wholly joyful and welcoming.

It is easily accessed from India Street across from Salt & Straw sharing a corner with the Princess Pub. If you are like me and have dreaded the popularity of the Little Italy neighborhood due to the mess that is created by a lack of parking, the train depot at Santa Fe Station is just two blocks from the Little Italy Food Hall. **fireworks shoot out my bum**

Listen in while I chat with the developer of the space, and friends Sam, the Cooking Guy and Sheen Fischer the Foodie Whisperer. 

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