Gorditas La Tia, Casual Dining in Rosarito

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Gorditas La Tia, Casual Dining in Rosarito

Things I Love About Rosarito series

While living in Rosarito, I have tried a handful of the suggested “good” restaurants from the local, expat set and unfortunately have been very disappointed. I find that they have been among the priciest also; Susanna’s, The Bistro, Estancia, Tapanco, Bety’s Burgers. I have not had much desire to return to ANY of them. The less expensive casual places, I have found to be much more consistent with their food; El Yacqui, Pasta y Basta.

Today I finally tried the little place in town that I pass all the time; Gorditas La Tia. This little restaurant has a little stand in front where a woman sells tasty gorditas to the on-the-go crowd of students, nearby workers and those in a hurry while they have a tasty little menu of staples inside the restaurant. There is always a steady line of people outside waiting at the stand so it’s been on my radar to see what all the buzz is about.

A gordita is essentially a Mexican Hot Pocket, a puffed up tortilla with an open side that is stuffed with savory goodness making it the perfect hand-held snack. The fillings at La Tia are things like Chicken Mole (pollo con mole), Pork in Green Sauce (puerco en salsa verde), chipotle chicken and more. My husband tried a couple of these and was an instant fan. At 30 pesos a piece, they were a great deal for their size. One would have been fine and two were almost too much food. At the time of writing this, 30 pesos is equivalent to about a $1.30. I mean seriously! This is not quick food to make. The fillings take time and plenty of ingredients to make so this find was perfect for my husband who LOVES quick and easy food.

I, on the other hand, generally prefer to eat a plate of hot, saucy food. It may be the Filipina in me. I ordered a plate of Guisado de Res con Arroz y Frijoles, Beef Stew with rice and beans. The stew came with a choice of potatoes or nopales (cactus) in the stew and a side of fresh hand-made tortillas.. All I can say is that for 110 pesos ($5.60), this was one delicious meal. The seasoning for everything was perfect and was exactly what I needed when looking for a comfort food meal. Needless to say, it was much more food than I could eat, but wholly satisfying.

Gorditas La Tia may not be one of the fancy places in town but it hits the spot and is good food. I believe until Rosarito has fine dining down, I prefer to spend my money where the locals have been coming for years for a good valued, hearty meal.

Gorditas La Tia is on the corner of Calle de Cipres and Benito Juarez, just one block north of the Banamex. It has it’s own little parking lot. The service and ambiance isn’t what you are necessarily coming here for, so keep your expectations reasonable. This is honest food, served to you providing a typical home-cooking style meal at a good price.

They’re open 8AM – 4PM everyday and are CASH ONLY.

I hope you venture in and enjoy a meal at one of the best Things I Love in Rosarito.