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Five Facts Foodie Friday | Chef Andrew Spurgin

If you have attended any of the NUMEROUS philanthropic events throughout San Diego, most likely you have experienced the visual and culinary coordination of a seamless Andrew Spurgin event. Yes, he is a chef and is capable of cooking but his remarkable ability to envision entire vignettes and scenes placed in periods of time are an absolute wonder! He is the mastermind event architect of the upcoming New Children’s Museum Pre-Opening Gala for it’s newest exhibit, FEAST! The Art of Playing with Your Food.

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What/who inspired you to cook?

My restauranteur grandmother and aunts in London, rarely I saw them NOT wearing an apron. They had a humble brasserie, and saved their pounds shillings and pence to go and eat at restaurants like The Savoy Grill. The first time I went to To The Savoy Grill I was about six… I think they took me with them because they knew I loved being around the kitchen, and they were correct. They also introduced me to the joy experienced at a wonderful restaurant, whether white tablecloth or formica.

What about feeding people intrigues you?

I much prefer to create an experience for anyone that I have the pleasure of cooking for. Whether a seven course Japanese Omakase menu or Smoked Brisket with Johnny Cakes and Barbecue Beans. It’s all about your guests, and when they are happy, have a great time, that truly IS the most rewarding feeling, Making people happy makes me happy!

What is the best meal you have ever had and what made it so special?

I don’t think I can name just one meal… so here’s three plates and one meal…

1992, Canard à la presse at La Tour d’Argent in Paris (when it had three Michelin Stars). Truly a once in a life experience. The dish was invented in the mid-18th Century. Assured that the duck would be on the menu forever Frédéric Delair, the head waiter turned owner, is credited with the codifying the duck in 1890 by issuing a numbered certificate, which they still give you to this day. With a simply breathtaking view of Paris and Notre Dame, it was as magical an evening at the table that ever there could be.

L’Ambroisie in Paris 1999, eating Chef Bernard Pacaud’s Feuilleté de Truffle Fraîche “Bel Humeur” – Whole Black Truffle layered with Foie Gras and ensconced in Puff Pastry with Truffle Bordelaise, Mâche Salad on the side with more shaved Truffles. Simply insane, three IS a reason they have had three Michelin Stars for twenty years.

2011, Tokyo, Kikunoi restaurant. nine course Spring menu of Kyo-kaiseki cuisine prepared by Chef Yoshihiro Murata. Not only the most stunningly beautifully presented dinner I have ever eaten. But the considered simplicity and harmony of flavors will be something I will never ever forget. The service here is like nothing I have ever experienced, it was like they could read your mind.

2013, City Market in Luling, Texas. Brisket, Ribs, Links Vinegar Sauce… A religious experience.

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Name one thing still on your culinary bucket list?

Dine at Chef Jiro Ono’s Sushi Restaurant in Tokyo. Spend time in Asia eating street food and living humbly. Then go to Chef René Redzepi‘s NOMA in Copenhagen and Chef

Joan Roca and his brothers’ El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, Spain spend sometime bumming around Spain and Morocco. Finish living in and cooking with local grandmothers in Puebla, Mexico!

What do you want to ensure your patrons walks away with once leaving one of your culinary events?

Wanting to come to another one…


Established in 2012, Andrew’s latest venture, ANDREW SPURGIN™, brings his diverse skill sets to consulting work with caterers, chefs, restaurants and hotels. He also creates bespoke events—from concept, styling, menu design and vendor brokering—as well as other related focus areas. Andrew believes in sound community care and often accepts requests to act as honorary committee member, chair or culinary chair for charitable and gala events. After all, if you live in a community, why not give back to it?

Andrew has designed parties and menus, and overseen the production of events honoring dignitaries and glitterati for the past three decades. He has cooked for three US presidents, Martha Stewart, Jane Goodall and at the James Beard House in New York City, among others. TO READ ANDREW’S FULL BIO, CLICK HERE.

Have you attended one of Andrew Spurgin’s extraordinary events? Share your experience in the comments!

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