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Knocked Outta the Park for Bitter Brothers Brewing Company & Feeding San Diego

With a lofty goal to provide 20,000 meals to San Diego’s hungry in partnership with Feeding San Diego, Bitter Brothers Brewing Company has done well recruiting a pretty impressive list of chefs to provide an amazing experience for guests to receive a beer pairing unlike any other.

The sold out Summer Family Dinner on July 30th added another notch on it’s belt for successfully producing a memorable evening thanks to chefs Alex Emery, Aarti Sanghavi, Anthony Pascale, Fabrice Poigin and Kristianna Zabala.

If you have not been to one of these dinners, I highly recommend getting in on the next one in October. Just take a look at the menu from Sunday.

Anthony Pascale with Saiko Sushi
Catalina Offshore Local Halibut Sashimi + Family Tart Live Ogo & Dulse Seaweed . Tatsoi . Roasted Fig . Smoked Ogo . Cherry Vinaigrette . Fish Chicharron

Aarti Sanghavi with The Hake
Lemon Verbena Chutney Crusted Spot Prawn + Spring Fling Corn Purée . Garam Masala Cornbread Croutons.
Roasted Carrot . Turmeric Blistered Tomatoes

Fabrice Poigin – Private Chef
Grilled Romaine and Sweet Onion Tart + Hazy Blue Line Pickled Onions . Grilled Sweet White Corn.
Organic Peach Chutney . Époisses Cream

Alex Emery with La Valencia
Cherry Duck Birria Tostada + Flesh & Blood Tart Plums . Uni . Pickled Habanero

Kristianna Zabala with Nomad Donuts
Humboldt Fog Cheesecake + Brotherly Love
Bing Cherries . Cocoa Nib Graham . Apricot . Micro Lemon Basil


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