Ensenada Celebrates The Sea & Upcoming Wines

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Food and wine festival, Ensenada, Baja

ProVino celebrated its 20th Annual Conchas y Los Vinos Festival last week and concluded with their big event at the Hotel Coral & Marina in Ensenada. The event took place right at the foot of the marina with cool ocean breezes to keep guests somewhat cool from the sweltering sun.

It was my first time at the festival but I quickly found I wasn’t alone. Diehard fans of the festival were eager to champion the fiesta as the best of the year. We certainly enjoyed ourselves.

Guests are treated to a creative display of culinary genius from many local chefs (like above Chef Javier Plascencia) using the bounty of oysters, clams, mussels and the like from the local area. Winemakers roamed, chatted and poured their upcoming wines that the public has not yet tasted which I thought was a special treat.

There was a great deal of variety for food but I always go back to the tried and true… the pure delight of a shucked oyster with a squeeze of lime is always my favorite. Thank you to Chef Drew Deckman (Deckman’s en El Mogor) for bringing out a new oyster to try, Paipai. It was plump, firm and briny; exactly what the sea should taste like.

I did find a wine that I absolutely need to get for the home. It was the Rosé by Vinícola D’Poncelis. This wine barely took on the pink color we are so familiar with but the flavor was light, clean, crisp and dry. I definitely recommend for the coming warm season.