A Culinary Battle at the Border | Oct. 18 & 19

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A Culinary Battle at the Border | Oct. 18 & 19

Mind Your P’s & Q’s

It will be a fight to the finish… a food fight that is. Tijuana Innovadora has organized the “Batalla Culinaria” (Culinary Battle), a cooking competition that will blend team’s of chefs from both sides of the border to compete against each other to win the titles for one of three categories; women, men and pastry.

Three very well-known chefs will co-host the the event, Chef Miguel Angel Guerrero, Chef Javier Plascencia —- btw, his upcoming restaurant Bracero should open in Little Italy in March 2015 — and our very own, border crossing chef, Chad White (he owns Comun Kitchen & Tavern in East Village & La Justina in Tijuana). These men will be accompanied by judges of chefs and food writers from Baja to LAX.BatallaCulinaria-Flyer

But Wait. The Border is a NIGHTMARE, right? WRONG!

OMG! Let me tell you what a surprise it was to me that it only took me SIX (6) minutes to come across the border last week after the Tijuana Innovadora press conference. The mass opening of several lanes of the new U.S. border crossing at Tijuana has made it a breeze to come and go. I was so astounded that I videotaped the drive through the avenues as @SugarJones drove through the maze. Guess we can make more trips to discover the incredible restaurants that are dotting the city and making noise! And oh yes… we ate while we were down there. More on that to come. 😉

Battle 1 / Women
October 18th | 10:00 am

Adria Marina Montaño | Dandelion
Amy DiBiase | Tidal
Christine Rivera | George at the Cove
Giannina Gavaldon | Asador de Olivia
Karla Navarro | The Kitchen
Mariela Magoni | The Palette
Nancy Leon | Chans Bistro
Sara Polczynski | The Blind Burro

Battle 2 / Men
October 18 | 4:00 pm

Antonio Santollo | Elementos
Drew Deckman | Deckman´s at Mogor
George Morris | Beaumont´s Eatering
Iker Castillo | La Justina
Jason McLeod | Iron Side Fish & Oyster
Martín San Román | La Terrasse San Roman
Rodolfo Luviano | Ta´ Costeño
Ryan Stein | Jardin Adobe

Battle 3 / Pastries
October 19th | 10:00 am

Bianca Castro | Biscotti´s
Donna Antaloczy | iron Side Fish & Oyster
Elsa Fernanda Flores | Dolce Salato
Hermila Corbalá | Mily Sweets
Jordana Salas | Oh Bon Bon
Maribel Villareal | L’apricot
Rachel King | Nine Ten Restaurant
Denisse Zamudio


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