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Back To Roots

The big supermarkets and big box stores may have taken over the pantries (and garages) of America and for our specialty items a a growing number have ventured out to discover great finds at stores who promise huge selection in the organic and/or health food arenas like Jimbo’s or the GIANT Whole Foods. Back to Roots,  a lovely new store has popped up in town promising more… artisanal foods from loving small batch makers, really farm fresh produce straight from the El Campito Farm terra in Jamul and most importantly personal interaction.

Back To RootsThe new market is the brain-child of Phillip Ariza (Co-Founder of El Campito Farm) and Alvaro Miranda (owner of Iberico Taste). The concept of the store is to bring people in regularly to re-stock on necessities for fresh foods with a real shelf-life just as you would in many European and Latin American countries. The idea of this rings true for those who appreciate reducing the amount of processed and preservative-laden foods that overwhelm so much of our foods today. With this approach, the design of the store is reflected. El Campito and Iberico Taste products will have permanent product selections with additional finds from local and international artisans who have a passion for producing quality with every bite. Prepared meals to go by local Chef, Flor Franco, will be showcased in the “Esqina de Flor” along with a selection of Baja wines and many specialty purveyors.

This is not your typical experience. I suggest you stop in, explore the offerings and talk to the staff. It might just be a farmer who can shed light on what you are about to make for dinner. Getting to know your food with this warm, friendly and welcoming crowd could never be easier.

Happy Savoring! My fork and I are off to discover our next great bite. ~ agalandherfork

A very special thank you to my foodie-licious compadre, Carlos Walther-Meade & Back To Roots for the lovely photos.

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