30 Years & An Homage; Chef Jason McLoed is Grateful

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The Mentor Dinner

After 30 years in the culinary industry, you can bet a chef either hates him/herself or thrives off the art of creativity and hospitality. I believe Jason McLoed of Consortium Holdings falls under the latter category. This kind Canadian has maneuvered his way around some amazing kitchens, picking up the detailed skills of masters all around him.

One of his most respectable skills is his ability to create an environment that fosters creativity, drive, team camaraderie and excellence in hospitality. You see this in all the CH concepts. This was particularly why I was so curious in attending the Mentor Dinner he quietly promoted. 

Last week, for an intimate group of 20, Chef Jason McLoed hosted a collaboration dinner from his esteemed mentor, Chef Vincent Stufano. Chef Jason worked under Chef Vincent during his days at The Fairmont Chateau Whistler. The creations of the two were complex in flavor and technique but simple in design. The opposition of the two concepts just worked. It was a pleasure to be a part of the experience.

This is an example of San Diego’s culinary maturation. What a sight (taste) to behold!

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