(curateur in Old French)
a custodian, a steward, conservator, superintendent of a thing

Hi there! I’m Marie, a Storyteller.

Each week I curate stories about thriving in personal growth, overcoming life’s hurdles, perspectives as a Filipina-American and more. The stories aren’t always just mine!

Sometimes the stories belong to other people, people that inspire me. I tell their stories as lessons for me to grow. I try to recognize the signs and opportunities in life to spot through others’ experiences and then I share them with you.


CUR8EUR started as my outlet to talk about food, happenings and travel in the Cali – Baja region. (LA to Ensenada). 

My day job gave me access to everything food and beverage and hospitality related. So, I focused my boutique marketing agency in the digital spectrum (I’m a bit of a tech geek) attracting clients looking to brand themselves online. My clients ranged from non-profits to event managers, breweries to restaurants and eventually to high profile chefs, for instance.

With so many fantastic experiences at my feet, I began blogging about restaurants, chefs, industry news, events, travel destinations… you know, that kind of thing.


As you can imagine, I got burnt out. I was tired of “reporting” the fun stuff all the time. Funny, right?

It no longer felt good. Above all, it felt purely promotional. It wasn’t until a few years ago when I started dabbling in interviewing people for audio posts, that I was intrigued again.

After hearing stories about people’s journey’s to fulfill their dreams, I began to enjoy storytelling again. In conclusion, I now prefer to split my time between videos and text as opposed to 100% written word. Needless to say, you can find my content in a variety of digital channels – YouTube, Medium, Facebook, Instagram.

For my geeky stuff, like building a brand online, reputation management, techie tutorials for beginners… that stuff is found on my business page at callmariedaniels.com