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San Diego! Stop Trying to Be SF, NYC & LA

San Diego! Stop Trying to Be SF, NYC & LA

WE’RE DIFFERENT AND THAT’S WHY WE’RE F’ING AMAZING San Diego is AN INCREDIBLE place to be for food enthusiasts. We spend so much time trying to be a food scene powerhouse but miss the mark in spreading the message of how abundant our options are. Each time I travel, my palate is relieved to come...

Little Italy Food Hall, San Diego CA, A New Dining Experience

San Diego’s 1st Food Hall Done Right, Little Italy

 The piazza catches your attention immediately when stepping off the street into the auto-prohibited space. It is strewn with market lights, live music and an energy of community. It is family friendly in a way that you recall from your last European vacation, a piazza that is wholly joyful and welcoming.

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OUT | Happy Hour at Stake

Last Saturday I was itching to hit the beach with a forecast of 76º & sunny but I so didn’t want to battle the crowds who had the same idea but I was determined. I packed up the beach chairs, my kindle and the umbrella with hubs and set out to venture to a little...

Children's Nature Retreat, Spa Day, San Diego

Ladies… Need a Spa Day? Alpine is Calling.

WELLNESS RETREAT IN ALPINE The Children’s Nature Retreat wants to give you a break from the kids by offering up a Ladies’ Spa Day at their Alpine wellness location. Just 45 minutes outside of San Diego, lies a mini paradise created for those looking to enjoy outdoor yoga, massage services, pool lounging, saunas, facials and...

Walnut Suneli Spiced Natural Chicken Breast, Chef Bernard Guillas, French Cooking, Recipe, slide

RECIPE : Walnut Suneli Spiced Natural Chicken Breast

Recipe Courtesy of French Master Chef, Chef Bernard Guillas Flying Pans Two Chefs, One World If you’d like to listen to the full interview on my Hand to Mouth Podcast where Chef Bernard Guillas of The Marine Room mentions the below recipe, listen here on iTunes or SoundCloud and subscribe so you do’t miss any other great...

Kilt and Scarf, Westgate Hotel Cocktail

Happy Hour Lobby Martini Cart? Yes Please!

Holiday Happy Hour Indeed! The holidays are here and the idea of sitting pretty with my girlfriends in a beautiful hotel lobby choosing delightful boozy libations from a martini cart makes me giddy inside! That’s why I was excited to hear ALL about the the new floating bar that’s popping up at the Westgate Hotel...

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Quality Ingredients; Good Business or No Business?

Small Business Dilemma Can a small business owner balance between providing quality ingredients to customers and the bottom line in a pricey city like San Diego and so many others? Tommy Gomes, fishmonger of Catalina Offshore Products, brings seafood direct from the dock to restaurants and savvy cooks every day and their customers expect to...

Street Tacos, La Vecindada, San Diego

A Piece of Mexico City in the Heart of Hillcrest

All Tacos Are NOT Created Equal The great taco debate is one of much conflict in Southern California but especially in San Diego. When your town borders the country of origin for tacos, the subject matter can elicit quite a variety of emotionally-heated opinions. Even within Mexico, all tacos are not made the same. This...